FREE Printable Big Happy Planner Set!

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I hope you have had a wonderful summer! I’ve spent most of mine chasing after a fast growing (and fast running) toddler! In the blink of an eye summer is nearly over, and it is back to school season! That may mean you have a busy few weeks ahead prepping your children (or yourself!) for the new routine. Or maybe with the change of seasons you are looking for some organization. I have designed a printable planner set to help you out! Check out my FREE Printable Big Happy Planner Set! 

Free Big Happy Planner Printable Set!

I’ve been looking for an organization system to keep me sane! As a stay at home mom I needed something to track household chores and appointments. I’ve wanted something to track my blog and creative endeavors. And lastly, a place to keep the little things that make me happy- books, shows, wishlists, and inspiration! Recently, I’ve become a big fan of the disc bound Happy Planner product line! I love how it gives me a space, and the flexibility, to use my craft supplies and creativity while keeping track of my life. 

I even created an instagram purely to document my adventures in planning! It is my place to share my spreads and my thrifty craft purchases for planning. Most of all, I love to see all the inspiring posts by everyone else in the planner community!

If you are a planner addict like me, or looking to take the plunge, take a minute to check out my Instagram! If you like what you see, be sure to follow me! 
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The support I have received from the planner community so far has been amazing! In such a short time I’ve gained so many creative friends and positive feedback!

In honor of my speedy rise to my first 200 IG followers, I was inspired to share this FREE Big Printable Happy Planner Set! 

FREE Printable Big Happy Planner Set!

I created these weekly pages because I am, at heart, neutral and beige! ? I loved the layout of my big, letter sized Happy Planner pages. But, I found that I spent most of my planning time altering the existing patterns or colors on the page to better fit my style.

I needed a neutral canvas! A blank week ready for creativity and room for all my stickers! Thus, I created this undated weekly spread for the ultimate planning flexibility! 

These pages are letter sized and designed with exactly the same vertical Big Happy Planner boxes! Your existing HP stickers will fit perfectly! If you are new to planning, Happy Planners, or disc bound notebooks in general- it would also be a cinch to print these pages and hole punch them for any standard size binder! And if f you are a tech wizard, it is also totally possible to resize these to fit any size planner! 

But I couldn’t stop there! I had to create coordinating stickers that matched the fonts and aesthetic of my pages.   I created a handful of useful phrases and labels, in bold boxes and scripts fonts to match! 


Click the link above to download a PDF of my weekly spread, a PDF of my stickers, or go wild and get both!

And if you happen to be a Silhouette Cameo user like me- enjoy the extra ease of a print and cut .studio3 file for the stickers! If you are a Cricut user- I’ve included a PNG file of the stickers for you to use in Circut Design Space!

A quick tip on printing a month’s worth of these weekly spreads-
  • To start the month, print only page 1
  • Then, print both pages, and select as many copies as you need. (Do the days of the month fall on 5 weeks? Print 4 copies!)
  • To end the month, print only page 2
  • Assemble and punch the pages to fit your planner! Date appropriately. Enjoy!

I sincerely hope you enjoy this FREE Big Printable Happy Planner Set! It has been the perfect canvas for my own planner system, and I hope it becomes the perfect printable addition, or start, for yours! 

Thank you to all my Instagram followers, blog followers, Pinterest followers… to really anyone who enjoys my creations and my tutorials! Your support and feedback truly fuel my creative brain! If you’d like more planner related freebies- be sure to check out my free printable 2018 calendar too!



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  1. Amanda says:

    Thank you for the free weekly! I also love the Happy Planner, but I don’t think I need a Big size. I use a mini and classic already. But I’ve been thinking about assembling my own discbound notebooks for school and wanted to test out using Big weekly printables!

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