FREE Printable Big Happy Planner Set!

Hello Friends!

I hope you have had a wonderful summer! I’ve spent most of mine chasing after a fast growing (and fast running) toddler! In the blink of an eye summer is nearly over, and it is back to school season! That may mean you have a busy few weeks ahead prepping your children (or yourself!) for the new routine. Or maybe with the change of seasons you are looking for some organization. I have designed a printable planner set to help you out! Check out my FREE Printable Big Happy Planner Set! 

Free Big Happy Planner Printable Set!

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DIY Paper Hot Air Balloons

Hello crafty friends! 

Today I want to share these colorful hot air balloons fashioned from, you guessed it- PAPER! These playful decorations are perfect for a number of occasions- nurseries or kid’s rooms, party decorations, picture props, library or retail displays, and even classrooms! While they can take some time and patience, the result is simply WOW! If you are feel like attempting a crafty challenge, give these DIY Paper Hot Air Balloons a try!

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Free Printable Sriracha Valentine’s Day Card

Hello friends!

February is fast approaching and since my last freebie has been an overwhelming success- I thought I’d share another one of my creations with you all. Valentine’s Day- you know you are inevitably going to forget to pick up a card for your loved one. Or you just love food puns. Or that special someone looooooves Sriracha. Well then, this printable valentine is for you! Enjoy this Free Printable Sriracha Valentine’s Day Card!

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XOXO Roses Card

Hello crafty friends! I hope your new year has been spectacular so far!

I’m back today with a quick post to show off a recent card creation! This XOXO Roses Card is perfect for Valentine’s Day or even an anniversary! And as you can see I’m still on a foiling kick- so I’ll be sure to detail all the supplies I used for this mini masterpiece! 😉 I hope it inspires you to create something for your valentine this February- which is just around the corner!

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Free Printable 2018 Rose Gold Splatter Calendar

Hello to all and a Happy New Year!

As I promised, today I’m sharing a beautiful freebie I’ve created to inspire you for the new year! I was browsing Pinterest for free 2018 printable calendars for my planner to organize my mom life and blog life. There were so many to choose from! I found some beautiful options but I thought to myself-I can TOTALLY make this! So I did, and here you are reaping the benefits! On trend and oh so pretty, I present to you my Free Printable 2018 Rose Gold Splatter Calendar!

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Embossed Wood Name Tags

Hello to all and Happy Holidays!

I have a quick project to share with you before the holiday season is officially over. This DIY is perfect for last minute gifts, ornaments, place settings… anything! This year I bought new stockings for the family since we have our new addition. <3 They are knit and fuzzy, but don’t exactly have a convenient place to put our names on to them. My solution? Embossed Wood Name Tags!

 Embossing is a simple but beautiful way to personalize your holiday decorations. Maybe you have some wood slice ornaments for the tree that need some sparkle, or you would like some show stopping place settings for the holiday table. With only a few supplies you can create your own personalized wood tags, and those supplies will last you for many more projects to come!

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DIY Holiday Paper Gift Boxes

Hello again crafty friends!

Today I want to share these adorable DIY holiday gift boxes fashioned from, you guessed it- PAPER!

With the W R Memory Keepers 123 punch board (yes, I cheated on my Silhouette…) these came together in a snap. Also, they are as customizable as you want. I added coordinating tags to each gift box, but you could simply put a bow on it and call it a day! I’ve included a list of the supplies I used so you can give it a try! I hope this project inspires you to create your own DIY holiday paper gift boxes, because the holidays will be here and gone before you know it!

I loved making these for the holidays! My crafting time is limited as a new mommy. If I find the time to make something it better serve a purpose! These will house wonderful gifts for family, so I can check that off my never ending to do list!

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Hello Friends!

I’M BACK! Really! You may have a few questions,
and I’m here to answer them!

Q- You fell off the face of the earth. Where did you go?
A- Yes, yes. I am painfully aware it has been OVER a year since my last post. But I have some really good excuses!

Like an entire kitchen renovation!
And having a baby!!!
And leaving my position at the library and becoming a stay at home mom!

Now that my feet are kinda sorta back on the ground I have made it a point to find a couple of minutes each day while momming to create. I’ve promised myself that I would begin sharing my creations with you all again.

Q- Where’s the free stuff? Will it be the same kind of stuff?
A- Yes! Paper is still my passion.

Although since my departure from the library, my creations are a bit smaller. My focus now is on home DIY projects, paper craft decorations for holidays and seasons, and card making! I also have some legacy library displays that I never got a chance to share- so be on the lookout for those posts as well. And yes- there will be free patterns and files just for you!

Q- Will you post on a regular basis?
A- NOPE. Because BABY. But I’ll try! Seriously, I can’t even get my daughter to nap at a consistent time every day. I can’t yet commit myself to a posting schedule only to disappoint you all. Baby steps. No pun intended. The goal is consistency, but think of my posts as little surprises. And if they start happening more often than not- I’m calling that a win!

Q- A baby you say?
A- Why yes! Let me tell you ALL ABOUT my child! It’s what mom’s do! (I’m kidding. Mostly….) Shortly after my last post in July 2016,and near the end of our kitchen renovation, we found out we were expecting! (Finished that kitchen JUST IN TIME!) We welcomed our daughter Lily at the end of April 2017.

I’m super proud to be a mom and super lucky to be able to stay home and help her learn and grow. Being a SAHM is the hardest job I’ve ever had but the most rewarding. She is by far my best creation. 😉

I’m really excited to dive back into blogging and crafting, my reprieve from diapers and dishes! And I hope that you will be inspired by my freebies and crafts!Thanks for reading! AND Thanks for coming back! Come back soon for more!

Library Display: Paper Ice Cream Cones

Hello crafty friends!

I know, I know- it has been too long! I haven’t posted in a while but I have a good excuse! We are currently renovating our kitchen and using Ikea to do it- so stay tuned for more DIY home tutorials and renovation tips!

In the meantime, I have a treat for you all- my tutorial for how to create a Sweet Summer Reads Library Display with some delicious paper ice cream cones! Keep reading and I’ll share my tips and resources so you can make your own tasty paper novelties!

Paper Ice Cream Cones Library Display

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Minc Foiled Fitbit Bands


And hello to warmer weather and sunny days! Hello to- what? Actually going outside? Being active? Hooray! And if you’re anything like me, hello to actually meeting your Fitbit goals! You know, instead of feeling guilted by that rubber bracelet around your wrist for enjoying your couch a little too much.

Today I wanted to share a fun vinyl and foil project perfect for customizing your Fitbit. If you gotta wear it, make it pretty! I’ve outlined the process for creating these Minc Foiled Fitbit Bands and included my free cut file just for you!

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