Freebie: Watercolor Journal Cards


Watercolor Jounral Cards Example
Hello everyone!

I’ve been on a crafting hiatus (for a whole weekend) attending a friend’s wedding in Portland. The wedding was beyond beautiful and Portland was amazing- I’d never been before. I’ve come back with plenty of inspiration for my next project and who knows- I just may put a bird on it. 😉

In the meantime, I have a freebie for the Project Life-ers out there. Printable watercolor journal cards! (Because watercolor everything is so trendy right now!) 

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A few of my favorite things…

“The materials I use are absolutely essential to the work I make.”
– David Batchelor

As an introduction, I’d like to a share a list of tools in my creative arsenal that I just cannot live without. I use them for almost every project I do- including paper crafts, home DIY projects, or working on this very blog.

You might be surprised that not one of these items is a brush. Or paper. Or paint. I’d like to think of this list of favorites as items that expedite my creative process, or ultimately make my projects better.

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