Fast Fabulous Thank You Cards

Fast Fabulous Thank You CardsHello!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my recent paper craft projects- these fast, but fabulous, thank you cards.

With the exception of the “Thank You” I added on the inside of the card, this project needs no fancy die cut machine. Just a pair of scissors and a ruler (I used my Fiskars paper trimmer to save time.) Even a non-crafter can tackle this DIY. 

A few simple layers and beautiful patterned card stock with foil really make this project stand out. These little cards are perfect for saying thanks- fast.



  • Various card stock sheets (patterned, textured, and solid)
  • Fiskars paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape (or other adhesive)
  • Adhesive foam squares (for adding dimension)
I was inspired by the gold foiled flower pattern
from this card stock stack!
DCWV The Linen Closet Stack

Card stock dimensions-

Paper Sizes


Fold the large piece of card stock in half and adhere each square layer of card stock to the front with double sided tape. Next, choose a piece of card stock with a large pattern that is colorful, textured, or shiny (flowers with gold foil, in my case.) Hand cut around the pattern to make various pieces. Arrange the hand cut pieces as you like on the front of the card. If large enough, attach the pieces with a foam square in the center and double sided tape on the edges to give the cards a “pop up” effect. Write your thank you message inside the card.

And thats it. Really. You’re finished! 🙂

(I added some die cut letters on the inside, but that is totally optional.)

Floral Thank You Card Interior

These cards are perfect for back to school, or for any other
casual occasion you may want to say “Thanks.” 

SignatureThanks for visiting! I urge to you skip the drugstore greeting card next time you need one. Go ahead and tap into your crafty side to create a fast, but fabulous handmade card! For more ideas be sure to follow my Silhouette and Paper craft or my Cards boards on Pinterest!


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