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I’ve been super busy the last few weekends addressing all my incomplete DIY and crafts that I meant to finish long ago. In these final few weeks of summer I’ve thoroughly coated my garage in a deep layer of saw dust with various woodworking projects- custom picture frames for the hallway, and a total front porch/patio renovation. I’m super excited to share both of these projects with you- just as soon as I remove the multitude of splinters from my hands!
DIY Wood Bookends Fluorescent BeigeThis week I wanted to share with you the easiest (and most painless!) fall project- DIY wood bookends! Like me, you can finally organize your hoard collection of library books, personal books, or make some sense out of that stack of back to school books.
This project requires no assembly, just a pair of pre-assembled wood scroll brackets, paint or stain of your choosing, and a few anti-skid furniture pads. This relatively inexpensive and simple craft is perfect for creating functional and custom decor for your home or office!

I started this project by scouring Pinterest for DIY bookends, and soon realized I was being a little vague- and clearly bookends can be made out of anything. Gold dinosaur bookends are cool and all, but not quite what I was thinking for my living room sideboard. So I made the great trek to Home Depot and decided to just go with it and see what I could find.

In the moulding aisle I found THESE WADDELL SCROLL CORNER BRACKETS. They stand up on their own and come in pairs? Done! 

Wood Brackets and Stain

I decided to stain the brackets to match the color of our floors- a medium antique brown on red oak. I found that Minwax Early American was the closest match. I stained them completely and let them air out for a couple of days to rid them of that new stain smell. Once dry, I realized that the scrollwork wasn’t highlighted to my liking, so I decided to paint the scrolls with white acrylic paint to match our living room decor.

Non-Skid Furniture Pads

It was easy to add two small NON-SKID FURNITURE PADS to the bottom of each bookend for additional support. 

The brackets are relatively lightweight, so depending on the caliber of books you need to support, it may be a good idea to add weight to the bottoms with another piece of wood or drill holes into the base and add metal weights or magnets.

Wood Bookends Stack

That’s it! Finished! These bookends cost less than $30 for the pair, and were enjoyable to make. The design possibilities are endless depending on the brackets and finish you choose- and they are easy to recreate. Should I need to reign in any more books throughout the house I can quickly make another matching pair.

Finished Wood Bookends

SignatureThanks for reading! I hope you are inspired by my easy DIY wood bracket bookends! Be sure to follow my So Crafty Pinterest Board for more ideas like this one. For the more advanced crafter,  follow my Home DIY Projects Board to tackle those big home projects.

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