Free Holiday Ornament iPhone Wallpapers

Hello everyone!

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was relaxing and filling. I’ve been out of town visiting family in the arctic- I mean Wyoming- but I still wanted to share a token of the holiday season with all of you. I recently acquired a new iPhone, and found myself tinkering around and making my own iPhone wallpapers. I was so happy with my designs, I decided to share! Please enjoy these Free Holiday Ornament iPhone Wallpapers!

Free Holiday Ornament iPhone Wallpapers

Now, I’m not a red & green kind of girl for the holidays, so I made these wallpapers in some of my favorite colors instead. I’ve included the zip file with all 3 colors in 2 different sizes depending on your phone resolution. Enjoy! 


I’ll be back next week with a fun DIY picture frame project I attempted from the experts at The Handmade Home– it turned out beautifully! I highly recommend their book, Handmade Walls, where I found my project!

Handmade Walls Book
SignatureAs always, thanks so much for visiting! I’ve been blogging for a short time now, but I’ve already connected with so many like-minded crafty people. I love sharing my designs and projects with you all! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see everything that inspires my crafty brain!


2 thoughts on “Free Holiday Ornament iPhone Wallpapers

  1. Jody says:

    But how do I put the wallpaper on my phone? How do I get the image from my downloads on my laptop to my phone? I am really trying hard to not be a Noob.
    Thanks Nicole,

    • Nikki says:

      Hi Jody!
      If you don’t want all the sizes don’t worry about downloading the file. Click on your favorite circle preview and it will open the image preview. If you are looking at this on your phone, just press and hold your finger on the image and the option to save will come up. Then it will be in your phone photos and you can set it as your background. If you are on your computer, save the image to your desktop and email it to yourself to access it on your phone. Hope this helps and that you had a happy Thanksgiving!

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