DIY Wood Wall Frames

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This week I am excited to show off some awesome and inexpensive DIY wood wall frames I created for my hallway. Now I can’t take credit for the idea, I found it in a book- of all places! 😉 I was inspired by Handmade Walls from the DIY team at The Handmade Home. For complete project details definitely pick up this book! This was the perfect weekend DIY and it really adds character to our gallery hallway. Here’s the run through of how I created my one of kind frames!

DIY Wood Wall Frames

Handmade Walls Book
I was inspired my this DIY WOOD WALL frame project from the book! I was looking for a large scale frame with character, and I wanted it to also tie in the color of our wood floors. I was also smitten with how simple it was, just a bunch of mitered 1 x 2’s!


My helpful (but not willing) husband and I made a trip to the hardware store and mostly followed the recommended materials list. We ended up buying 6 1x2x8 boards, some wood glue, a good sanding block, and some stain. All less than $25.

Wood Frames Materials

The fun part, was calculating the cut sizes. I didn’t want the project to be quite as big as the one in the book, so we recalculated and ended up creating 3 frames. One large “statement piece” totaling  25″ wide and two smaller 15″ frames  to match. We glued the pieces together and let them dry. I then hand sanded the frames smooth, wiped them clean, and stained them with two coats of Minwax Early American stain.


Next, I created the mats for the frames. Instead of using heavy MDF as recommended in the book, I decided to cut my mats out of chipboard using my Silhouette Cameo. This worked perfectly to create square custom mats for my pictures. After cutting, I spray painted the mats white.


I also needed to obtain glass for the center of the frames since our hallway is a dust magnet. Instead of getting custom cut glass, I went to Michael’s and bought one 12×12” and two 8×8” Studio Decor Basics Metro Frames on sale!

The plastic frames bend to insert and hold the glass, so I discarded the plastic frame pieces and kept the glass (with safely rounded edges by the way!) I then hot glued the glass the back of the frames. I simply taped the mats to the back of the glass, so they can be easily removed or changed.


In Handmade Walls, they recommend screwing support pieces behind the frames. This is so the frame is one large piece, and able to lean on a surface. I knew I only wanted them on the wall, so I skipped the supports and simply hung each part of the frame individually on the wall.

They are supported on nails on the inside upper corners, and I prevent them from sliding around with poster putty behind the bottom corners. The center of the frames containing the glass are hung with a picture bracket screwed to the back of the wood.

As you can see, I’m still in the process of filling the frames (so many possibilities!) I absolutely love the way they turned  out! They make a big impact in the hallway and warm up the walls without taking up any extra space.

I also love how I can take out the center of the frame to change out the picture, without taking a behemoth frame off the wall to do so! They are really interchangeable this way as well. If someday I decided I don’t like the nested look, I can hang them all individually and have 7 frames!

SignatureThanks for visiting! I hope you are inspired to create your own one of a kind wall frames! As I mentioned before, I absolutely recommend Handmade Walls for more design ideas like this one. Be sure to follow my Home DIY  Projects board on Pinterest if you’re browsing for more homemade decor! 


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