Minc Foiled Fitbit Bands


And hello to warmer weather and sunny days! Hello to- what? Actually going outside? Being active? Hooray! And if you’re anything like me, hello to actually meeting your Fitbit goals! You know, instead of feeling guilted by that rubber bracelet around your wrist for enjoying your couch a little too much.

Today I wanted to share a fun vinyl and foil project perfect for customizing your Fitbit. If you gotta wear it, make it pretty! I’ve outlined the process for creating these Minc Foiled Fitbit Bands and included my free cut file just for you!

DIY Minc Foiled Fitbit Bands

First you’re going to need a smooth silicone band. I own a Fitbit Flex, and when I first got it I found a great deal on Amazon for extra bands. I ordered solid, fairly neutral, colors to match my wardrobe. But recently, I was feeling to itch to craft, to customize, and to make it shiny!Fitbit Bands Henoda 11PCS

You’ll also need:
  • A digital craft cutter (Silhouette, Cricut, ect.)
  • Minc machine (or laminator) and a carrier sheet
  • Minc brand craft foil- any color
  • Vinyl, 651 or 631- any color (Permanent or removable for those of you don’t speak the lingo!)

I’ve been experimenting with this Minc foil vinyl technique from the Heidi Swapp blog. Let me tell you, when I found out I could foil any and all colors of my vinyl- well, let’s just say I have a problem! 😉

  1. First, I created a few rows of geometric patterns using my silhouette software and sized them to fit the width of the band, a little less than 1/2 an inch.*Note: make sure your pattern is continuous and connected to itself. Although you can use transfer tape to adhere the foiled pieces, the silicone won’t always grab the vinyl from the transfer tape. It’s easier to apply the design by hand, and even easier if it is one continuous piece.
  2. I set my silhouette blade and settings to “Vinyl” and also made sure to add the overcut setting to help with the tiny details.
    Silhouette Cameo
    The hardest part is waiting! Depending on your pattern, it may take sometime for your machine to complete cutting.
  3. Once the cut is finished, it is an absolute blast weeding each and every tiny piece from the design. *SARCASM*Lucky for you I’ve included a weeding box around the outside edge of the cut file, and I have a tip for you to get all those little pieces out of the center- scotch tape! Place a line of scotch tape across the design and lightly rub your finger across the top. Carefully lift a corner of the tape and secure the edge of the vinyl with your finger down to the vinyl backing. Working carefully not to stretch or rip the vinyl, lift the tape and most of the center pieces will lift off with it!
  4. The next step is to foil your vinyl! This is where the magic happens! Definitely refer to this video tutorial for all the details for exactly how.Minc Foiled Fitbit Bands Closeup
  5. When your vinyl is all foil and shiny, peel it from the backing and line it up on your Fitbit band by hand.I started from the display window down the long side, and cut the pattern at the point it reaches the sizing notches. I lined up the other side in the same way. Press the vinyl firmly down with your finger, make sure there are no bubbles or creases, and let sit. I waited overnight to wear my bands to let the vinyl adhere.

You may be wondering- how durable is this project? I can tell you that after a whole day working at my library, helping patrons, using computers, shelving items, and other odds and ends- there was no wear, scratching, or peeling! I did notice that when I manhandled the band to get the bit out to charge, the vinyl does bend a bit and bubble with the silicone, but quickly goes back into place by pressing with your finger. (I have yet to test water durability, which I’m sure differs with removable or permanent vinyl.)

Minc Band Closeup
If you enjoy this look, I would suggest cutting out and foiling backup pieces incase it starts to look worn.

Finished! Now my Fitbit isn’t just an accountability machine- it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that coordinates with my style and wardrobe! If you would like to create your own Minc Foiled Fitbit Band, I’ve shared the Silhouette Studio file below!

Minc Foiled Bands Example

Click here for the FREE FitBit Decals .Studio3 file!

If you are on a health kick and looking for a similar DIY, be sure to check out my DIY Donut Workout Tank tutorial!

SignatureThanks for reading! I hope this project inspires you to create and customize your own accessories! For more Silhouette projects, be sure to follow my Silhouette and Papercraft board on Pinterest!

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