Free Printable Sriracha Valentine’s Day Card

Hello friends!

February is fast approaching and since my last freebie has been an overwhelming success- I thought I’d share another one of my creations with you all. Valentine’s Day- you know you are inevitably going to forget to pick up a card for your loved one. Or you just love food puns. Or that special someone looooooves Sriracha. Well then, this printable valentine is for you! Enjoy this Free Printable Sriracha Valentine’s Day Card!

I designed this card last year for Valentine’s Day  for my dear husband. I was inspired by his obsession with putting Sriracha on everything. He still does. 🙂

I designed this printable card as two panels on a single side of paper that you cut and adhere to a card base. Why not make it a printable folding card? Because I am AWFUL at those. When I reload the paper into my printer I get it wrong. Every. Time. Backwards. Upside down. This is way more convenient! I used my handy paper trimmer to cut each panel- but scissors will work!

The panels are sized slightly smaller than an A7 card so you can adhere them on the front and inside of a card of your choosing. I created my 5″ x 7″ card base out of a matching shimmer red card stock. And because I always go the extra mile, I also used an embossing pen to trace the letters and added clear embossing powder. It truly makes the sentiment look like it was written in Sriracha!

I love how this card turned out- its bold and simple. And FREE! 😉 I hope you enjoy this printable valentine! have a Happy Valentine’s Day!



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