Quick Cork Decor

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I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted- I guess you can say life is what happens when you’re making crafting plans. Welcome back or hello and welcome if you checking out my blog for the first time!  Today I have an awesome craft project to share with you-
Quick Cork Decor for your home! (Say that five times fast…)

Maybe you’re looking to create some inexpensive art to match your home, or maybe you were looking for a stylish jewelry storage solution. A roll of cork and a picture frame is your creative canvas for this DIY project.

Quick Cork Decor for your home

My inspiration came from an impromptu cork purchase at my local craft store. I intended on using a roll of cork as a backing for a message board for our office. You can find a similar product here on Amazon, or pick up a roll at your local craft store with a coupon!711wxtwV6SL._SL1500_

In all honesty, the cork was too thin to really work for a message board, and never really flattened out after being rolled up. A craft fail, sure, but not a Pintrosity. I soon found that the same cork worked perfectly in smaller applications!Cork Ring Holder front

My first project was a wedding ring holder for our bedroom. I’ve seen many  variations of this project online and decided to attempt it with craft supplies I already owned. 

I had a small decorative tabletop frame on hand but it was an awful orange/brown wood that didn’t match our navy bedroom at all. I removed the glass and it was Gesso to the rescue!

After letting the frame dry I took to my trusty Silhouette Cameo to create a vinyl design on the fly. I ended up cutting a frame from this silhouette store design in navy vinyl. It took only a minute to weed the design and ten seconds flat to adhere it to the frame. Not only was vinyl easier and quicker than painting or stenciling- it has held up  to dust and cleaning for over a year!

The next step was adding the cork. I cut the cork to fit inside the frame. The orange hue of the cork didn’t really mesh with my style, so I simply sponge painted it with acrylic paint in an espresso brown color to match my bedroom furniture. Once dry, I fit the cork into the frame and left out the glass to make it a usable surface.

The final step before adding the back of the frame was to place a single cotton ball behind the cork. Yes. A cotton ball. This added the necessary depth to the cork so that I could actually push a pin through it. I closed up the frame and added a pearlescent pin to the center to hold my rings!

Cork Ring Holder Side

I completed my color coordinated ring holder in less than 30 minutes!

I used this same process to create a tabletop piece of art to match our living room- brown and turquoise. I painted the frame to my liking, cut the cork to size, and painted a chevron design in matching acrylic colors. To create the chevron I could have used my Silhouette, but instead I used scotch tape to create the pattern.

Cork Art Frame

This project was just as easy and in no time I had a cute piece of art for our living room!

Quick Cork Decor

I hope you are inspired to make your own Quick Cork Decor for your home. The possibilities are endless- add many pins or hooks to make an earring display, or hot glue a clip on a larger frame to display your children’s artwork!

SignatureThanks for reading! I’m amazed and thankful for how many people are visiting my fledgling blog for crafty inspiration! If you’d like more DIY craft ideas like this one be sure to follow my blog and follow me on Pinterest. You’ll find tons of ideas like this one on my So Crafty and Silhouette and Papercraft boards on Pinterest! 


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