Library Display: Colorful Clouds & Raindrops

Hello and Happy Spring!

Despite the wintry forecast in my area, I recently completed a display for my library that exudes spring-  Colorful Clouds & Raindrops! This display is perfect for a library, but could also be a great project for party decorations, or a child’s room! I used my trusty Silhouette Cameo, of course, and have broken down the process for you. I’ve also included my cut files so you can get to crafting without delay!

Colorful Clouds & Raindrops with Free Cut Files

I was inspired by this picture when I was browsing on Pinterest for display ideas! I immediately thought- piece of cake!
An abundance of colored paper-check.
Fishing line- check.
Scotch Tape-check.
A handy cutting machine to expedite the process- check.  
A big blank space to put up- YUP!

The paper I commonly use at the library is 8.5″ x 11″, so I format my cut files to fit this space. I created a half cloud shape and cut 20 clouds out of white thick card stock. I wanted to the raindrops to gradually increase as they “fell” so I created various sizes and cut countless copies. I probably used about 10 pieces of each color. Unlike the my inspiration picture, I didn’t opt to make the raindrops dimensional, so this significantly lessened my cutting time.

Clouds & Raindrops Display Closeup

The assembly was a snap- I taped 4 halves at the seam for each cloud. To make the halves pop off the wall, I cut a 2″ piece of white card stock, folded in half and taped to each seam for vertical support.

Then, I roughly measured the length of the fishing line and taped one line to each half of the cloud. I started to tape the smaller raindrops on the line, and attached gradually larger drops as I got closer to the bottom.

Because this display is temporary, I didn’t mind seeing the scotch tape on the drops. If you create this project for a more detailed or permanent reason, I would suggest cutting double the drops and sandwiching the fishing line in between them with double-sided tape.

Keeping the lines from tangling while working was the hardest part! At one point – I gathered all the drops attached on a finished line with a paper clip before moving on to the next one.

To hang each cloud, I attached 2 command strips on each half. The finished clouds and drops are very lightweight! Depending on your application- you could also hang these from the ceiling like a mobile.

Colorful Clouds & Raindrops Book Display

And that’s it! This is another great paper craft display that isn’t difficult, even for the most novice crafter! It takes more time than skill- especially when you have a die cut machine like the Silhouette Cameo.

This was a perfect display in our library to reign in springtime, and we can display children’s books in a creative and engaging way! I can imagine beautiful results at home if you use patterned or foiled card stock, or even cutting these shapes out of fabric, sewing, and filling them with batting!

Colorful Clouds & Raindrops Library Display

If you are inspired to create your own colorful clouds & raindrops display, I have provided the Silhouette Studio file and the SVG file below! Enjoy! 




Thanks for reading! If you are interested in more library display ideas
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